About Jane Hobson Photography

Whether it's bums on seats or jobs in diaries you are looking for, Jane's your man, well, woman. With a background in advertising and research, she understands what will appeal to the audience, whether they be theatre-goers or casting agents. She shoots what you need, when you need it, then shoots what you didn't think you needed, but love, as a bonus. Experienced in production, unit and documentary stills, headshots, press shots and character portraits, Jane brings her enthusiasm and expertise to all projects. Rude not to, when it's such a great job. From drama to dance, movies to music, circus to symphonia, opera to 'eadshots, she is ready, willing and able....but you can be the judge of that. Please do have a look at the photographs here and, if you like what you see, book her for your next production, film or portfolio needs.

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Puppetry, mask, mime

Press, PR, events

Portraits and headshots


Finalist: Theatre and Tehnology Awards 2018 - Production Photography category.