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London UK. 14/07/2011.  Royal New Zealand Ballet presents "From Here to There" at the Barbican. The Barbican brings Royal New Zealand Ballet to London, its first appearance in the UK since 2004, as part of a national tour.  The company performs From Here to There, a spectacular triple bill choreographed by Javier De Frutos, Jorma Elmo and Andrew Simmons.  The title of the evening, From Here to There, reflects the company's journey from its home in New Zealand to the UK, and the audience's journey through three contrasting works. The work shown is "A Song in the Dark", featuring Antonia Hewitt, Brendan Bradshaw, Maree White, Jacob Chown, Ginny Gan, Qi Huan, Clytie Campbell, Paul Matthews, Tonia Looker, Medhi Angot, Adriana Harper, Jaered Glavin, Abigail Boyle, Christopher Hinton-Lewis, Yang Liu andDaniel Morrison. Photo credit should read Jane Hobson