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London, UK. 30/08/2011. "Lullabies of Broadmoor", a Broadmoor Quartet of plays by Steve Henessy, opens at the multi-award winning Finborough Theatre. The four plays are: "Venus at Broadmoor", "The Demon Box", "The Murder Club", and "Wilderness"...Eight years in the making - the four linked plays of Steve Hennessy's Lullabies of Broadmoor - A Broadmoor Quartet weave together the closely linked stories of five of Broadmoor's most notorious inmates of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century with the stories of those they murdered. The sequence of plays form a rich, dark, Gothic tragicomedy about murder, love, madness, personal responsibility and redemption. In this picture: "Venus at Broadmoor" - Chris Bianchi (as Dr Orange), and Violet Ryder (as Christiane Edmunds). Photo credit: Jane Hobson