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London, UK. 03.07.2017. VOICES OF THE AMAZON, presented by Sisters Grimm, in rehearsal for the UK premiere of the piece, at Sadler’s Wells. This new work is produced and directed by Pietra Mello-Pittman (Sisters Grimm), produced and composed by Ella Spira (Sisters Grimm), choreographed by Helen Pickett, with the voice of Jeremy Irons as narrator. The cast is: Nathalie Harrison, Michelle Buckley, Liam Burke, Charles Damasio, Stefanos Dimoulas, Kay Elizabeth, Rachel Maybank, Fernanda Muniz, Hicaro Nicolai, Kaue Ribeiro, Leilane Teles, Lowri Shone, Alessandra Jansen. Picture shows: Stefanos Dimoulas, Michelle Buckley, Charles Damasio, Kaue Ribeiro, Kay Elizabeth. Photograph © Jane Hobson.