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London, UK. 09.11.2016. Dancers wait on stage, during dress rehearsal, whilst lighting is adjusted. New English Ballet Theatre presents "Quint-Essential: Five New Ballets", at the Peacock Theatre. Five new ballets have been commissioned to celebrate NEBT's 5th anniversary. The choreographers commissioned are: Daniela Cardim, Kristin McNally, Marcelino Sambe, George Williamson and Valentino Zucchetti. The piece shown is: Vertex, choreographed by Daniela Cardim. The dancers in this piece are:  Hannah Sofo, Riccardo Rodighiero, Pablo Luque Romero, Alexandra Cameron-Martin, Bethany Headland, Isabella Swietlicki, Giulio Galimberti, Alexander Nuttall. Photograph © Jane Hobson.