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Zadar, Croatia. 17.10.2018. Dancer and choreographer, Sanja Petrovski, poses in the Rector's Palace (Kneževa palača), recreating a 1991 photo, taken by Zjelko Karavida, in the same spot, the morning after the palace was bombed, during the Homeland War. The original image was used to help the effort to rebuild Croatia, after the war, and many people in the city, and in Croatia, recognise the photo. Wanting to provide the 'after' version; a statement of how the city has bounced back, English photographer, Jane Hobson, asked the original subject, Sanja Petrovski, who still dances, choreographs and teaches both child and adult dance students in the city, to recreate the pose, at the same time of day (morning) and year (October), in the same place. Previously supposed lost in the war, the original slide has now been found, and is available for side by side comparisons. Sadly, the beautiful morning light was not available for the recreation, as the windows are now in permanent blackout for concerts, covered by non-removable curtains. Photograph © Jane Hobson.