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Birmingham Royal Ballet in dress rehearsal for EMBRACE choreographed by GeorgeWilliamson, as part of their mixed bill, "Polarity & Proximity", at Sadler's Wells. The cast is: Brandon Lawrence (He), Delia Mathews (She), Max Maslen (Him), Lachlan Monaghan (Self One), Haoliang Feng (Self Two), Aitor Galende (Self Three), Ruth Brill, Reina Fuchigami, Miki Mizutani,Beatrice Parma, Rachele Pizzillo, Yaoqian shang, ALys Shee, Tim Dutson, Haoliang Feng, Aitor Galende, Max Maslen, Lachlan Monaghan, Gus Payne, Edivaldo Souza da Silva, Harry Wright (Them).