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Edinburgh, UK. 11.08.2016. The Shanghai Style Qipao Modern Fashion Show – ‘History Meets Innovation’  at the National Museum of Scotland showcases the latest haute couture Qipao (cheongsam) collections from fashion design professors and designers at the Donghua University – Xu Xubing, Shen Chen, Luo Jingjie, Cai Lingxiao and Ni Jun – and the creative directors from Qipao fashion brands ‐ Ye Zi, Qiu Liming, Zhang Yahua, Tao Yaokang and Zhou Zhuguang – inspired by the five Chinese elements: Jin (metal), Mu (wood), Shui (water), Huo (fire) and Tu (earth). The fashion show is part of Shanghai Culture Week, which is also part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Photograph © Jane Hobson.