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London, UK. 05.09.2021.Alleyne Dance present “Bonded”, in Westferry Circus, as part of Greenwich and Docklands International Festival. <br />
<br />
Choreographed and Performed by: Kristina Alleyne & Sadé Alleyne<br />
Produced By: Uprise Rebel<br />
Production Manager: Salvatore Scollo<br />
Composer: Giuliano Modarelli<br />
Illustrator: Genevieve Edwards<br />
Set Designer: Emanuele Salamanca<br />
Costume: Giulia Scrimieri<br />
Textiles Developer: Elizabeth Mary Clay Roberts<br />
Costume Assistant: Hania Kosewicz<br />
Funders: Supported by Without Walls and commissioned by Norfolk &<br />
Norwich Festival and Salisbury International Arts Festival, part of Wiltshire Creative<br />
Photograph © Jane Hobson.